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Anti-Spam Solutions

Satisfaction guaranteeSAY GOODBYE TO SPAM
all accounts have a Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus protection

Our MailFoundry anti-spam and anti-virus solution is enabled by default on all email account. If you do not wish to use this great feature, then all you need is to open a support ticket requesting your removal.



Spam is on the increase which is why we have invested in 2 powerful MailFoundry Anti-Spam hardware that is dedicated to filter email for Spam and Viruses. The MailFoundry appliances sits in front of our mail servers and filters Spam and Viruses before they get to your inbox, this saves you the time and effort making your work time more productive.

We have two Mailfoundry appliances in 2 different networks for redundancy, this means your incoming mail will never fail, having two MX records for your email. So should one fail then all the mail traffic is sent to the backup Mailfoundry to ensure you don't loose email.

MailFoundry Selected As One of the 2010 “Wisconsin Companies to Watch”

MailFoundry, provider of the worlds smartest Anti-Spam solution suite has been selected as one of the top thirty 2010 “Wisconsin Companies to Watch”, an awards program presented by the Wisconsin Entrepreneur’s Network (WEN).
Read more about this here !

> FREE Feature in all our Shared Hostings


> How our Anti-Spam solution works

It's because LuxHosting attach a great importance to your emails, that we used a second network to split our Anti-Spam appliances.

Here is how most of the other Hosting providers do it

Step 1:
When some send a email, his internet provider search the corresponding mail server. For that, he ask the destination to DNS servers.

Step 2:
The DNS servers reply sending the MX records of the domain name.

Step 3:
The outgoing mail server send immediatly the mail.
Here is how it works at LuxHosting Networks

Step 1:
When some send a email, his internet provider search the corresponding mail server. For that, he ask the destination to DNS servers.

Step 2:
The DNS servers reply sending the MX records of the domain name.

Step 3:
The outgoing mail server know now where to send the mail, and the emails are sended to the LuxHosting Network, which is protected by a professional hardware Firewall.

Step 4:
The incoming emails are scanned by one of our gateway appliances. This appliance will extract the email and scan it for spam and viruses. All this checks are executed in some seconds, and using our rules.
Step 5:
Once the e-mail is checked, it will be delivered to your mail server or mailbox.
Step 6:
If one of the appliances is not available, then the emails are automatically forwarded and saved at our second appliance, in our second network.
Step 7:
As soon the network is again available, the spooled emails are forwarded to the main destination.

ADVANTAGE: Due to the combination of our 2 different networks and 2 MailFoundry anti-spam and anti-virus appliances, then LuxHosting can guarantee the reception of all your sollicited emails, also if one appliance or network have a technical issue.


About MailFoundry's technology

MailFoundry's MessageIQ scan engine uses a layered approach that maximizes kill rates and minimizes false positives by not using 'scoring' or rating systems for identifying spam - those systems are plagued by high false positive rates and are really only 'guessing' at spam.

The core layer for threat identification are the spam signature files, these signatures are created and managed by human spam editors who look at spam 24x7x365. MailFoundry release new spam updates every 5 minutes to ensure that our hardware has the latest rule sets to defeat spam attacks as they happen.

MailFoundy's spam signatures are designed around actual identified spam. The system isn't guessing at identifying incoming email which is why the false positives are the lowest in the industry.

Why using MailFoundry ?

MailFoundry's anti-spam engine, "MessageIQ" was designed from the ground up to protect your message while taking care of spam, viruses and other email threats.

For over four years MailFoundry has been eliminating spam from email for over 2 million mailboxes world-wide.

MailFoundry is very effective at killing spam, but the real benefit is in our false positive rates. We lead the industry with a false positive rate of less than 1 in 1 million. Some customers have seen only one false positive in over four years of service.

Easy to Use
MailFoundry is a 'hands off' system meaning that administrators and end users are not spending time managing the system for rule creation, etc.

What happens to the spam ?

If an email is flagged as Spam it's not deleted but held on the MailFoundry for 15 days. You will be sent an email digest at 14pm each day which will contain a list of the emails that have been filtered out by the MailFoundry appliance. This should contain 100% pure spam, but you have the option to read the emails and release them to your inbox if required.

Note: if an email account does not have any email marked as Spam then you will not be sent an email digest.

What if spam gets through?

Should any Spam make it's way to your inbox you can report it to MailFoundry by forwarding it AS ATTACHMENT to A spam editor will then review the forwarded email and add new definitions if possible to ensure it's filtered in future.


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