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LuxHosting is THE reference in Luxembourg for Website Hosting, Reseller Hostings, Dedicated Servers or domain registration, for either business use or individuals, who are looking for a secure and professional partner.

We currently serve over 200 millions pages visits per month!

Why aren't we hosting your website?


Dell Poweredge

Our Servers are all from DELL PowerEdge 610 or 710 dual Intel Xeons processores with 256Gb or Memory RAM and multiples lan cards up to 10Gb ethernet.

  • Our DELL PowerEdge Servers
  • Disks Storrage Arrays

    DELL EqualLogic

    Also our Disks Arrays are from DELL EqualLogic Disks Arrays with Full SSDs, hybrid SSD/HDD disks and HDD Disks all connected at a 10Gb ethernet to improve the data speed.

  • Our DELL EqualLogic Disks Storrage Arrays
  • Switches


    We use HP Switches with a lifetime guarantee and also DELL 10Gbe high performance networking switches.

  • Our DELL Switches
  • Firewalls


    Our Datacenter is a globally secured by many high performance firewalls.

    As you can imagine, we cannot reveal too many details about our Firewalls. But be sure that they are strong, always up2date and highly secured.

    Our Values

    We are in the Hosting business since 1995, so we can say that we are one of the pioneers in this branch in Luxembourg.


    We are always looking to improve the services that we give to our customers. A happy customer is our best publicity.


    Same as the quality, we are always looking to invest in the best servers and infrastructures to be at the top.


    We don't joke with uptimes. We know how important it is to a website to be reachable, 24h/24 and 7/7.


    We are always looking to add features, not only in our control panels, but also behind the scene, in our own network, to impove our services.


    As we are here since 1995, we think that our company have a certain value, because if we exist until today, it's only due to our loyal customers supporting us and trust us.


    Security is a all day job, we don't joke with security.